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Educational Projects
We offer academic projects development support and training for Engineering students. We have a variety of engineering projects in multiple domains with full lab facility to get complete hands-on practice with all trainings we provide.

We always entertain new concepts and ideas regarding educational projects.

Fields of Projects :-
Embedded System & Micro-controllers
* Projects using AVR and 8051 Controllers
* Interfacing with microcontrollers – Serial, LCD, Relay, I2C, and more
RFID systems
* Projects using RFID reader and tags
* Multiple applications of RFID like access control.
GPS technology
* Projects using GPS sensors
* Building GPS based location finder, speedometer etc.
External sensors
* Projects using sensors like Moisture, heartbeat, color, gar, motion, proximity and many other.
* Working mechanical projects in using Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Automotives.
Wireless technology
* Projects using RF, IR, Bluetooth, GSM technology
Educational Robotics
* Wired/ wireless robotic land rover
* Wired/PC controlled robotic arms * Autonomous robots
Software/Web Technologies
* Educational Projects in computer science like developing web based applications, standalone applications, and custom desktop applications

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