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Hobby Kits
Hobby kits are true fun to enjoy learning practical electronics. There kits are available in unassembled form and ready to solder. Full circuit diagram and working will be provided with the kit, so no hassle of collecting components from shop to shop.

Some of the kits available from us are –
IR Remote Switch
With this kit you can switch on and off any domestic AC load by using any TV/DVD remote’s any key.
The relay output toggles on each key press. Battery backup is also provided for power failure conditions
400 Rs.290
Missed call switch
Missed call based switch is very useful where long range remote operation is needed. Just assemble this kit and connect it with any old obsolete mobile phone (Connection diagram will be provided).
Relay used in kit can be used to switch any AC/DC load. Relay status will toggle with every missed call.
500 Rs.340
Simple temperature meter
Its easiest and most precise available temperature meter. This kit is to be used with any digital multimeter, just set multimeter into 2VDC range and it will display temperature in degree centigrade.
It can measure temperature from 2*C to 150*C with accuracy of 0.5*C
300 Rs.180
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