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Frequently Asked Questions

  Q1:Can I buy product without registering on the website?
A :Yes but we prefer that you register on the website to make order process more systematic

  Q2: Do I need to give accurate personal information while registering on the website?
A :Yes, When you buy a product the shipping address and contact person details is important for proper delivery of product and future contact.

  Q 3: Can I edit my contact details and shipping address?
A :Yes, while confirming your purchase you can check your contact name and shipping address and modify it if needed

  Q 4: How can I pay?
A :Send Cheque / demand draft to us, Electronic transfer or deposit cheque / demand draft or Cash to your nearest SBI bank branch.

  Q 5: How much time will it take to develop a website?
A :It will depend on the size and type of the website normally it takes 15 days to develop 10 page website with 8 static and 2 dynamic pages with home page with animated header.

  Q 6: How much time will it take to develop a Desktop Application?
A :The design complexity and functions needed will decide the development time. Normal business application are quicker to develop but new projects will need atleast one month to develop.

  Q 7: How to make payment by Cheque /Demand Draft/ Online Transfer?
A :Make Payable To: TechProjector Please deposit the by cheque/cash/online transfer to nearest branch of SBI Account number-xxxxxxxxxxx. Please mail us your payment details (cheque number/DD number/details/transaction ID about deposit) for confirmation. Your order will not get dispatched until your payment gets credited into our account.

  Q 8: How do I track my order?
A :You will get an email after your order is shipped which will provide you with the courier tracking number and hence you can track your order online.

  Q 9: Can I place order over the phone?
A :Yes you can. But again we request to register for a smoother process.

  Q 10: What if my package is tampered or receive damaged product?
A :Tampering or damage may happen in transit, check it with the courier service for the complaint. Depending on the case the we may or may not replace/repair the damaged product.

  Q 11: Is there any discount available on bulk/frequent purchase?
A :We offer special discount for bulk orders and for frequent buyers. To know details please send us a mail.

  Q 12: Can I add more items into an already placed order?
A :You can add more items to your order before it is dispatched from our office. Please confirm dispatch status before asking for addition. If the parcel is dispatched already than you have to place a fresh order.

  Q 13: Can I collect the products from your office?
A :Yes with prior telephonic discussion you may collect it from office.

  Q 14: Does Tech Projctor ship worldwide?
A :Currently we are shipping in INDIA only, we hope to begin worldwide service soon.

  Q 15: How long will it take to process my order?
A :Most orders will be processed and shipped within 24 business hours from the time it is accepted.

  Q 16: Which carrier do you use for shipping?
A :We ship via Professional courier or Speed post for domestic orders.

  Q 17: How much shipping is going to cost?
A :Up to 500g Rs.100. For higher weight postage will be shown while sending you the total amount payable.

  Q 18: Is there any warranty available?
A :Please see product/service details for warranty availability and conditions.

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