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PCB Designing


We offer PCB layout Design, Fabrication Service for both prototyping and projects developments. We provide complete solution from layout design to PCB fabrication.


Single-sided, double-sided board layout design facility.

Options for legend, soldarmask, tinning.

Options for fully handmade PCB’s (Only single side for educational projects)

PCB types FR-4 (Woven glass and epoxy), and phenolic laminate.

Layout capabilities-

Minimum track width 12 mils

Minimum track clearance 12 mils

Minimum hole size 30 mils

We also provide quick PCB services at some extra cost. However please confirm before opting quick service for availability.

Mail the PCB files and requirements to along with your name and mobile number through which we can contact you.

 We will check the files for their feasibility to convert them into PCB and will mail you back if there is change needed. If there are no changes we will email the exact cost of the PCB.

For bulk orders prices will be negotiable. For further details Contact Us.

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